Monday, October 14, 2013

Leon Sinks

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went hiking in the Apalachicola forest, about twenty minutes from where we live.  It was SO incredibly beautiful!  We couldn't believe we had never been before.  I know I said something similar about our trip to Wakulla Springs, but it's seriously uncanny how much you can rediscover an area you've lived in for awhile.  It was such a gorgeous day and an equally gorgeous part of the world.

Top, Urban Outfitters; spandex, Adidas; sunglasses, Avant Garb Vintage; sneakers, Asics (all pretty old, but hey, that's appropriate for hiking, right?!)

Also, I didn't use any photo editing for these.  I typically adjust the lighting, saturation, etc., on my outfit pics, but I felt that was "cheating" for nature pictures... Plus the online photo editing site I use has been out of commission lately haha. 

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