Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Day of Exploring... and Gratitude

I'm not going to lie, a big move isn't the easiest thing in the world. We're far away from our family and closest friends, immersed in a different culture, and still adjusting to SF rent prices. I try to make it all look quite glam on my insta; however, there are days that phrases like, "$%^! this expensive, pretentious city--let's go back to Florida!" or "San Francisco is like that narcissistic pretty girl who's WAY too aware of the fact that she's beautiful," leave my mouth. Sometimes I get tearful, mean, or downright creative in my evaluation of this significant life change.

Then there are days like this one. Days where the beautiful girl who knows she's beautiful just dazzles you with her radiant looks and charm. (After all, she is stunning, isn't she?) Days where the view looks like something out of a romantic painting and the sky looks like God used a bright blue Crayola on it. Days where the fact that you're young and in love and you live in a glorious city and have healthy limbs for hiking and a shiny California ID for trying out a divey punch bar in the Haight easily trump the fact that you're "so stressed." On days like these I realize I have already been given everything.

This was one of those days.

Punch Bowl: Hobson's Choice Bar
Chili Fries: Burger Urge
Shorts: Old Navy
Top: Gap
Jean Jacket: Target Girls' Section
Shoes: ASOS (similar, also cute)
Sunglasses: Avant Garb Vintage (Tallahassee)


  1. I cannot express how touched I am by this post and especially the poetic writing! Beautiful Maya! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Aw, these photos make me miss the city! That photo of the houses are so picturesque. I love it.

    Moving is always hard but give yourself 6 months in SF and all days will be like this gorgeous one (with some major fog, of course). It takes some adjusting to ;)

    xo Natasja

  3. These are great pictures. Love your casual style.

    Jessica |