Friday, May 24, 2013

Sister Visit Day #2

Seventeen years ago today, I became a big sister!  And she has been making me proud every day since then.  Happy Birthday, Phia-Phia!!! <3

These are a couple of snapshots from this past Saturday, the second day Sophia was in town.  We walked to the campus Starbucks for iced coffees, went shopping, hung out by the pool, then grabbed some appetizers at Cypress (the scallops, eggplant bruschetta, and red pepper soup--all delicious!) before heading over to Primetime to meet my boyfriend and friends!  Here are some instagram pictures and iPhone snapshots followed by a brief outfit post...
Matching jewelry in insty pic, Old Navy; red skirt, H&M, blouse, Jessica Simpson; shoes, Moda; necklace, H&M (the huge one in Toronto--it's amazing!); gold bracelet, The Other Side Vintage.

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