Saturday, February 15, 2014

Proud Sister of a Baby Gator

YESTERDAY MY SISTER GOT ACCEPTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!!!!! She has worked so insanely hard and deserves this more than anyone! I have to admit, I got pretty emotional when I found out (cried 4 or 5 different times about it-- I'm a sap, I know haha) because I was just so happy and proud. A million images of her popped into my head as I realized this is a culmination of everything to which she has been so dedicated...

Sophia tossing a huge SAT prep book onto the kitchen table... Little hands deftly applying concealer to dark undereye circles... My phone lighting up blue with the words "yeah right" when I suggest she should take a netflix break between her mountains of homework...

Sophia in her elegant black dress behind the hostess stand at Tryst, Sophia suffering dehydration after a 102 degree cheerleading practice, Sophia in her varsity tennis uniform, Sophia in her workout clothes after 2 hours at Golds, Sophia's pencil moving furiously through a set of advanced math problems. This girl never gave less than 110%.

Sophia Constance Schuller is more than my sister and most treasured friend. She is an absolute inspiration to me every day. A thousand congratulations, my amazing Phia-Phia! Your E-E loves you and is proud beyond words!!!

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