Monday, February 24, 2014

Thoughts // Life Lately

I can't believe we're closing in on our first month in San Francisco! It's definitely an unusual time, and I've been feeling a variety of emotions, from excitement and joy to stress and lack of direction. 

My fiance and I are living in a temporary house with roommates, and are working out the details on the studio apartment we are going to rent. Our roommates are a newlywed couple and they're super nice, but I'm definitely about ready to have the security of a place that is long-term and belongs to just us. 

I'm working part-time for the same tech company that Stephen works for, Ruxly Creative. I love it!! It's so amazing to be part of a progressive, fun and innovative company. I also got a second job babysitting two toddlers three times a week. The munchkins are uber precious! I made a profile on a whim and the result feels very meant-to-be. 

On the other hand, I'm trying to figure out where to go with my love of fashion. I have absolutely no background in it, and don't even know if I'd want to work in the industry. And then there's always the looming question of whether or not I could ever model!

I'm 5'10 and naturally fairly thin, and I've done a tinnnyyyy bit of amateur modeling. I know I would need to be a little skinnier to actually make it in the modeling world, but am having trouble finding the self-control to tone up and shed a few pounds. Any tips? I was using the MyFitnessPal app for awhile but have slacked off. I've considered kickstarting things with a cleanse but I've heard they mess up your metabolism...? I feel the same way about probiotics-- does your body get addicted to them? I guess in the end I really just need to eat a little cleaner and workout a little more.

The book in the picture was a gift to my fiance from our employer, Ben. Stephen finished it in a few days, and I'm about halfway through. It's all about doing what inspires you and working your butt off, which sounds like a great plan to me! It's inspired me to get back to blogging and building my "personal brand." It's great but then my introspective, OCD self agonizes over questions like what does my personal brand look like? What kind of personal brand are people drawn to?

These are not questions I'm planning on being able to answer immediately. As a girl who never shies away from cheesy cliches (on the contrary, I actually love them haha), I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Life-- including housing, careers, health, fashion, blogging, etc-- is a journey, not a destination! And I feel fortunate that this breathtaking city is my current rest stop. 

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