Friday, February 28, 2014

Online Cravings

I swear, the online shopping itch always strikes at the worst times. Yesterday, my fiancé and I put down a month's rent and the security deposit on our new apartment (WOOHOOO!) and I'm about to be reunited with all of my clothes. I've been living out of a suitcase in our temporary place this past month, and have been on a "reduced wardrobe" since early December, when my Dad kindly drove half of Stephen's and my stuff to California and stored it until we arrived. Basically, I'm about to get all of my things back, many of which will probably feel new after all this time! So why did I pick today to decide I need more things?

Not to mention that, in order to unpack the stuff, we need to buy furniture-- a cost that's going to be even larger than our rent and deposit. My point isn't to bore you with my financial life. (Some would even argue that talking money is tacky! But I feel like a lot of bloggers do it since budget is a big part of anyone's fashion and beauty decisions.) Etiquette debate aside, what I'm saying is simply that this is pretty much the worst time for me to be craving new stuff.

Some of these items are things I might get (I could definitely justify the affordable and classic F21 trench) and some will probably stay on the wish-list for awhile, but I'd sure love if they were currently in the closet of my brand-new apartment. So without further ado, here are a couple of super-cute numbers that I would buy right this minute if I hadn't just moved to the priciest place to live (or rent, at least) in the United States...

// Zara top //
// Nike shoes //
// F21 Trench //
 // Brahmin tote //

Just because I can't seem to stop rambling on: let's dissect the motive behind this fantastic Brandy Melville beanie real quick. Is it because the nineties are in style? Or is it because they're reasoning that everyone who's the right age to wear one of Brandy Melville's trendy styles was inevitably conceived in the '90s? Because option #2 would make me feel old! I mean, I was "made in the '90s" but I only missed the cut-off for "made in the '80s" by about 4 months...

Oh and because I'm a brat, I wanted to clarify that my apostrophe usage--not the beanie's--is correct. Although I totally just corrected a typo in a previous post so I shouldn't be so high and mighty right now. **grimace emoji**

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  1. I love that jumpsuit! I've been thinking of getting one but they're a little out of my comfort zone. I should at least go try one on and see how I feel.

    I've just started doing monthly haul posts on my blog but also felt a little iffy about talking about money so publicly, so I know what you mean! I think it just depends on how much you are comfortable sharing to determine how transparent you are on your blog.

    Congrats on your new place! :)

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